Thrust bearing classification


Thrust ball bearing (thrust ball bearing) is a separate type of bearing, the shaft ring, the seat can be separated from the cage, the steel ball components. The shaft ring is a ring matched with the shaft, and the seat ring is a ring matched with the bearing seat hole, and there is a gap between the shaft; Thrust ball bearings can only withstand the axial load, one-way thrust ball bearings can only withstand the axial load in one direction, two-way thrust ball bearings can withstand the axial load in two directions; Thrust ball bearings can not limit the radial displacement of the shaft, the limit speed is very low, one-way thrust ball bearings can limit the axial displacement of the shaft and the housing in one direction, and two-way bearings can limit the axial displacement in two directions.
Thrust roller bearings (thrust roller bearings) are used to bear axial and radial combined loads based on axial loads, but the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this kind of bearing has lower friction factor, higher speed and aligning performance. The roller of type 29000 bearing is an asymmetric spherical roller, which can reduce the relative sliding of the roller and raceway in the work, and the roller is long, large in diameter, the number of rollers is large, and the load capacity is high, usually using oil lubrication, and the individual low speed can be lubricated by grease. In the design selection, should be preferred; 80000 type thrust cylindrical roller bearings, 90000 type thrust tapered roller bearings and AXK type thrust needle roller bearings can withstand one-way axial load, which is much larger than the axial load capacity of thrust ball bearings, and large rigidity, occupying less axial space. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust needle roller bearings are suitable for low speed occasions, the thrust tapered roller bearing speed is slightly higher than the thrust cylindrical roller bearing.
The thrust needle roller bearing can be considered as a special thrust cylindrical roller bearing, whose aspect ratio is defined as the ratio of the length of the roller to the diameter, which is obviously greater than 2. Therefore, the load capacity of thrust needle roller bearings is obviously smaller than that of cylindrical roller bearings with the same thrust diameter. Use thrust needle roller bearings in the medium and low speed range to prevent adverse effects of sliding between rollers and raceways. The thrust needle roller bearing can be a complete bearing assembly with thrust washer and roller cage assembly, or a needle roller and cage assembly. The needle roller is hardened and finely ground for optimal load distribution. When these requirements cannot be met, the use of thrust washers is strongly recommended.

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