How to properly use and maintain a turbocharged engine


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Now when many friends buy a car, they like to bring a turbine, because the turbocharger can improve the power performance of the vehicle, compared with the naturally aspirated engine, the engine with a turbine can increase the maximum power of the engine by 30% to 40%, or even more, and it also has a lower torque breaking point compared with the naturally aspirated engine, and a wider torque plain. These characteristics make it faster in daily use and feel better in power.
So, it gives a small engine car a power level comparable to a higher engine car, but if you take a smooth driving approach in the city, it's actually no more fuel efficient than a car of the same engine without a turbine.
Turbocharger working principle:
The working principle of turbocharger is not complicated, in simple terms, it is through the exhaust gas emitted by the engine to promote the turbine operation, and then through the turbine to drive the turbofan connected with it on the same connection shaft, and constantly pressure fresh air into the engine cylinder, so that the cylinder in the unit time into the air more, the higher its work efficiency.
The turbocharger is a high-temperature component, because the gas that drives it is directly from the exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder, the temperature is as high as 900°C-1000°C, and at full load, the speed of the turbine can reach 180,000 to 200,000 revolutions per minute. For turbines to operate at such high speeds at such high temperatures, they naturally require particularly efficient and stable lubrication conditions. And in the high temperature and high pressure environment, the various parts of the supercharger and the lubricating oil must have good high temperature resistance and sealing, so for its maintenance we should start from the following aspects:
1, the choice of oil
Many owners do not know how to choose when changing the oil. The damage of the turbocharger is generally the damage of the oil seal between it and the intake pipe, resulting in large-scale oil burning. The professional investigation found that a large part of the damage to the oil seal is because the owner did not replace the oil on time, or used poor quality oil, resulting in the floating turbine main rotation shaft can not be normally lubritated and dissipated, thus damaging the oil seal at high temperature and causing oil leakage.
Therefore, it is recommended that turbocharged engines should choose high-quality oil with high temperature resistance and good oxidation resistance, and pay attention to appropriately shorten the oil replacement cycle.
2. Keep the turbine clean
The clearance between the turbocharger shaft and the sleeve is very small, so if the oil used is not clean or impurities enter because the oil filter is not clean, it will cause excessive wear of the turbocharger. In addition, if the inhaled air contains a large number of impurities, once these dust particles enter the high-speed turbocharger impeller, it will make the dust particles impact the turbocharger impeller, resulting in unstable turbine operation, sleeve and seal wear, so the use of turbine models should pay special attention to timely replacement of oil filters and air filters, to keep the turbine clean.
3, the cold car should start slowly, the hot car should also idle for a while and then turn off
In the early stage of cold car start-up, the oil temperature is usually relatively low, but also relatively viscous, poor lubrication effect, and when it is heated to the normal working temperature, there needs to be a process and time, if you force the turbine to work at full load within a few minutes, then it will increase the wear of the turbine and shorten the life of the turbine.
The correct way to use is; The first few minutes of driving should first run slowly for a few minutes, such as the oil into the best state, and then step on the accelerator to let the engine run at high speed, especially in the northern winter, after the cold car starts, we must pay attention to let the car hot and then go, it is comfortable you are comfortable.
And parking, because the turbine working temperature is very high, so after parking, you'd better idle for a while and then off the car, at this time the engine oil system and cooling system are still working, which can make the turbine temperature a little bit lower, it should be noted that the turbine will continue to run due to inertia after the car, at this time still need oil lubrication. If you suddenly shut down the engine, then the entire engine system will no longer work, the turbine cooling system and oil supply will grind to a halt, and can only rely on natural cooling, which will lead to a sharp reduction in the life of the turbine.
In addition, there are now new turbocharged engines that have been pressurized by additional cooling system water pump control valves to solve the problem of turbine heat dissipation after parking, but it should be noted that when you turn off the engine, the oil system still does not work, and the lubrication effect of the turbine is reduced, so we recommend that the model using the turbine engine is best to idle for a while and then off the car.
4. Regular check-ups are important
It's the same as a regular check-up. Developing this good habit can help us find turbine problems in time and prevent them from happening. For example; Check the appearance of the turbocharger to see whether each seal ring is damaged, whether the oil inlet pipe and return pipe joints are loose and oil seepage signs, whether there is residual oil at the exhaust outlet of the supercharger, whether there is oil in the compressor inlet straight pipe wall, and whether there is abnormal sound or abnormal vibration of the turbocharger. If you find the above abnormal phenomena in the process of normal use, you need to go to the professional repair shop as soon as possible to repair it to avoid more serious component damage.
In fact, turbocharged engines need to pay special attention to two points when usually used, one is to use better oil as much as possible, and this also leads to the maintenance cost of the turbine engine is much higher than that of the ordinary naturally aspirated engine; Another point is that in daily use, we should pay attention to the first hot car and then walk the car, and it is best not to turn off the engine immediately when parking. As long as we pay attention to the above two points, we can enjoy the pleasant power brought by the turbocharged engine.

How to properly use and maintain a turbocharged engine

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