The implementation of "National Four" will force the upgrading of the parts industry


Reprint: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers


Recently, Ni Hongjie, honorary chairman of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, said in an interview with reporters: "The implementation of national diesel vehicle emission standards can promote the development of independent brand parts enterprises, but also bring great challenges to independent brand parts enterprises." Independent brand parts companies must make strenuous efforts to meet the needs of national diesel vehicle emission standards."
The main domestic diesel engine enterprises through the introduction of technology and Sino-foreign cooperation development, basically can meet the requirements of the national four emission standards, but the common rail system, supercharger and emission post-treatment system and emissions standards closely related to the upgrade of key parts and technologies are monopolized by foreign enterprises. In these areas of technology, there is a big gap between self-owned brand enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. "Independent brand parts are difficult to enter the supporting system of foreign vehicle (host) enterprises. Independent brand vehicle (host) enterprises are also willing to use foreign brands of key parts. Domestic relevant parts companies are not ready, and the key parts market for diesel vehicles in China is bound to be monopolized by foreign companies." Ni Hongjie expressed concern about the market prospects of self-branded parts in the implementation process of diesel vehicle emission standards. The key components of national four diesel engine have high technical content. The lack of independent innovation ability and the lack of core technology are the biggest obstacles to the development of China's diesel vehicle parts industry. Enterprises in developed countries have developed oil supply systems, superchargers and emission post-treatment systems for many years, and have accumulated a large amount of data through continuous optimization. "In this regard, the relevant domestic enterprises are still in the initial stage, do not do enough, but also honestly conduct a lot of experiments, long-term accumulation of data, can not rely on the introduction, and it is impossible to make a great leap forward." Ni Hongjie earnestly warned.
The independent development of key components of diesel vehicles requires joint efforts. The experience of domestic competent departments to organize relevant units to jointly overcome the difficulties of EFI technology is worth promoting.
In 1990, the then Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Science and Technology decided to jointly develop EFI technology. In the process of this joint research, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry led the establishment of Wuxi City research headquarters, Weifu Group, Wuxi oil pump nozzle Research Institute, a research institute of the General staff and SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Tsinghua University, space Department of the first research Institute and other enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions have joined.
The project was a success. The results were certified in 1996.
In this process, Bosch, Siemens, Ford and other multinational companies have volunteered to participate in the war, all to compete. As a result, Bosch won the bid and became the foreign shareholder of the joint venture.
This joint research has trained a large number of technical personnel. These technicians played a key role in the negotiations with the foreign side. For example, the license price of Bosch company 80 million marks, and finally reached an agreement, the Chinese side only paid 29 million marks; Bosch tried to transfer the EV1.3 technology to the Chinese, but the Chinese engineers learned that Bosch had developed the EV6 technology and fought hard to force Bosch to agree to the transfer of EV6 technology. If the Chinese agree with Bosch's intentions, then the EV1.3 technology will already be behind The Times it is bought.
This story tells the people of today: the domestic independent development of the key parts and components of national 4, national 5 diesel vehicles is not without conditions, not can not achieve industrialization, the key is in the competent departments to organize joint research.
Developed countries Euro IV, Euro V diesel vehicle (main engine) products are diesel vehicle (main engine) companies and parts companies jointly developed. Ni Hongjie stressed: "In the future, domestic diesel vehicle (host) companies and parts companies should also join forces, so that parts companies have targeted development of technology and products." Only in this way, domestic independent brand parts enterprises can improve their independent development capabilities, and gradually narrow the gap between developed countries and parts enterprises." If the key parts market of diesel vehicles has been monopolized by foreign enterprises for a long time, then domestic host enterprises can only spend high prices to buy parts and components products of foreign enterprises. At the beginning, a domestic diesel engine company of its own brand tried to produce national three diesel engines, and purchased 10 sets of common rail systems from Bosch, and the unit price of Bosch was as high as 25,000 euros. At that time, the unit price of domestic mechanical injection system prototype was only a few thousand yuan, and the unit price of domestic diesel engine was only 50,000 yuan. When Chinese companies are able to develop key components on their own, foreign companies quickly reduce the price of their key components.
Ni Hongjie said: "The key parts developed by foreign parts companies for the Chinese market are more and more price competitive. For example, the common rail system developed by Bosch for China is already very cheap. National emission standards are getting higher and higher, and there will be no market for low-end parts. Diesel vehicle parts companies that cannot meet the requirements of national emission standards will be abandoned by the market. The implementation of the national diesel vehicle emission standards will promote the upgrading of independent brand parts enterprises in terms of products, management and technology."

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